YOUR SHIPPING SOLUTION EXPERT FOR ALL YOUR LOGISTICS NEEDS When you ship through FTS LOGISTICS your produce, frozen foods and perishable items will be handled in state-of-the-art refrigerated trailers, by experienced professional refrigerated trucking drivers. Our Services

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Dependable Refrigerated Shipping Solutions That Keep Up With Your Changing Demands

Real Time Temp-Monitoring

We ensure product safety with the latest model and well-maintained 53’ trailers equipped with the latest in temperature control technology. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and industryleading technology from ORBCOMM STAR TRAK ©, we have the capabilities to track, monitor and control all electronic components of a refrigerated trailer in real-time. Temperatures can be set anywhere from -20º to 65º (F). Temp-sensitive freight is under complete control whether products require Ambient, Cool, Frozen, or “Protect From Freezing” conditions.

Flexible Solutions

Flexible reefer shipping solutions aligned with your fluctuating shipping demands customized for you just like the changing seasons. We are a refrigerated shipping carrier that can keep up when your demand heats up, and give you space when your demand slows down. F.T.S Logistics has the size and scale to keep up with your seasonal demands and provide a customized experience every time. Whether you need one point of contact for a one-off shipment or a team to handle your large project needs, we will be there!

Save Time & Money

Yes. Dealing directly with a transportation company will lower your expense. Anyone who has made the transition from going broker-free to working directly with a trucking company will tell you that the time and money saved overall is well worth the transition. Your in-house team can get back to managing their internal operations and building their business with peace of mind that their shipments are being managed properly. When a problem arises our team will resolve it!
Providing a Full Range of Transportation Nationwide

Delivering Solutions That Establish Loyalty & Build Trust

F.T.S LOGISTICS is a premiere
transportation and logistics provider
specializing in hauling time sensitive
refrigerated produce, with the use of stateof-the-art equipment. Our primary focus is
hauling fresh produce, and we understand
the importance of exceptional
communication and the impeccable level of
service level required when dealing with
perishable shipments

F.T.S is a leading provider of premium Frac
Sand Transport service to E&P companies,
service companies and pressure pumping
companies. We own and operate a large
fleet of trucks and trailers that operate
across the nation at several basins.

We pride ourselves on the integrity and
reliability of our Account Managers. Many
companies in this industry have a poor
reputation due to lack of integrity. F.T.S truly
stands out from the competition through our
proactive personnel, honest communication
policy, and commitment to superior service.

Wayne Willis

Our Commitment

F.T.S Logistics will continue prioritizing our customers needs. We have no limits and will continue to grow, adapt, and innovate with personnel and partners that share our vision.

Our Passion for What We Do Is Evident in How We Deliver Your Goods

Skilled personnel combined with decades of experience utilize communication technology and tracking software to offer large and small companies competitive advantages.

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Temp-Controlled Transport
1 m
Dry Goods Transport
1 m
Frac Sand Hauling
Safe & Reliable Cargo Solutions!

Managing Logistics for the Nation.



When you ship with F.T.S Logistics your produce, frozen foods, perishable items, cosmetics, electronics, plants, etc., will be handled in state-of-the-art refrigerated trailers by experienced.
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F.T.S Logistics can haul a broad range of general commodities. Our refrigerated trailers can also transport general commodities and we offer irregular-route truckload service throughout.
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FTS Logistics provides effective solutions for safe and reliable hauling and unloading of frac sand. We specialize in bottom drop trailers
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Flexible, Improved & Accelerated Solutions

No Rigid Services,
Just Solutions!

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