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The Freightliner Cascadia is another one of the trucks that we have in our fleet here at FTS Logistics. We put a lot of demands on our equipment, and when it comes to the trucks, we have to be able to count on them to perform consistently. We cannot have trucks that are constantly breaking down. Our trucks also have to be able to meet the needs of our drivers. This includes not only giving them the confidence that they can start their trips, knowing that they aren’t going to be dealing with breakdowns. In addition to this, it must provide them with the comfort they need for those long hauls.

With the Freightliner Cascadia, it’s the little things about this truck that impresses us. For driving safety and comfort, this truck has better insulation for noise reduction. The tractor has a better suspension providing a smoother ride. It has a larger front windshield and extendable visors for sun blocking. All of these help to reduce the fatigue that comes with driving long runs at a time.

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