Transportation Awards Shows Importance of Trucking Industry

Transportation Awards Shows Importance of Trucking Industry

With the state that the world, in general, is in as a result of the pandemic, it is hard to find trucking news focusing on anything outside of this. However, there is good news to be seen, and one of these revolves around awards like the Delaware U.S. 301 Mainline Project. Which recently received recognition for its achievements via the America’s Transportation Awards.

America’s Transportation Awards Competition

This is an event sponsored in partnership between the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO), AAA and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The competition is divided into three categories comprised of:

  • Quality of Life and Community Development
  • Best Use of Technology and Innovation
  • Operations Excellence

All three which are critical to the success of this industry.

DelDOT Recognition

This department conducted a U.S. 301 Mainline Project to the tune of $634 million. It was comprised of creating a bypass of the 29 intersections, resulting in a reduction in congestion. This was done to serve the Middletown area, which is being recognized for its rapid growth. At the same time, the project supported the economic development of the Southern region of New Castle County. The overall success of the project has been appreciated by the residents of Middletown. They are enjoying a dramatic reduction in truck traffic. The reward that DelDOT was the recipient of, was for their ability to present enhanced reliability and a well-functioning transportation system that created a safer environment.

The Grand Prize

The grand prize consists of a $10,000 cash award for each national winner. The winning DOT can donate to their charity of choice or to a State scholarship. The choice being theirs. Those DOT’s from each region make it to the top 12 list. Which then makes them eligible for the grand prize. The winner is determined by the selection made by a panel of judges within the industry along with the general public People’s choice award.

Female Driver of the Year Award

Outside of organizations within the trucking industry, there are many different types of competitions and awards given to individual truckers. One that is highly recognized is that which showcases the contributions made by female truck drivers. This is a reward that revolves around females in the industry that stands out. The 2020 recipient of this reward was Susie De Ridder. For forty years, as a veteran trucker, she has about 4 million miles of driving under her belt with no accidents. Susie was competing against three other finalists. She was thrilled when she won and said to her it was like winning the Golden Globe Award. Susie shared stories of what it was like to be a female trucker back forty years ago, where the challenges were numerous. Just one example was the truck stop showers accommodated the male drivers only. Then there were concerns about truck stop safety during the nighttime hours. Obviously, Susie overcame these and more as she is still going strong in the industry. Susie has been very active in the industry by taking part in different types of shows and events.

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